Monday, August 6, 2007

Original Horseman 2004 - 2006

This Horseman was made of plywood. 2 - 4' x 8's. It was a shadow idea with my take on the classic horseman pose from the movie. I basically took the movie poster, blew it up as big as I thought was a 1 to 1 scale on Photoshop Elements and printed it on a HP plotter at work designed for blueprinting machinery. Nothing like standing around a printer, outside of your department, in a moderate traffic area waiting to pull and cut a life size image of horse, man and axe.

I would rig fog (using PVC pipe) to snort out the nostril area from behind the horse. Neighbors got a kick out of that.

Looking back on this prop which ended up being cut into scrap and tossed it was very popular for some reason. The parents loved it and I would have ToT's pose for pictures next to it. But I just had to move past plywood. Still I get a lot of where's the horse? We miss it.

This prop did provide a memorable moment during setup one year. The whole thing was large and somewhat awkward. It was attached to a long heavy stake that took a good pounding to drive into the lawn. A friend was over watching football and I asked him to help me out with it. He held the stake and was bent on one knee while I used a ladder and hand held sledgehammer to pound the top. The handle broke off the hammer. Thus heavy part of hammer traveling at a good speed met his unsuspecting head and he was none to pleased. The Raiders lost as well.