Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Late in the ball game but I'm putting a thing or two together and trying to have some new things by Columbus Day. With 2 kids and a love for a certain football team that's bent on providing me endless grief again this season - venturing into the garage has been a task.
The new figure will pose with a (throat slash\off with your head) hand gesture. Once again hands purchased from http://www.ghostride.com/. Repainted in a bruised, raw & weathered look.
Thick wire was cut and pierced through the fingers to allow the digits to bend and hold shape.
Both hands were originally straight at the wrist like the one holding the skull.
The "pointing hand" was cut at the wrist on an angle. A long wire was placed through the separated pieces to hold them together and Great Stuff was used to fill in the missing chunk of wrist. Excess foam was than cut & sanded down to complete the hands downward angle at the wrist.
I really have the urge to make this into the murderous Lady Van Tassel instead of the Western Woods Crone but it may prove too difficult. The Crone is filthy and inaccuracies are easily hidden by painting on decay and rot much like I did when creating The Horseman.

Also arriving today... the first dress I ever purchased for myself. A proud moment for sure. The dress is a real beauty -Black crushed panne and red satin. A Gothic vampire 18th century number - $80 (ouch) after 20% off.
A real shame....what I'm about to do to it. Tears, Great Stuff and texture spray paint.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Night Pics

A few battery powered votive candles hidden in the head. Brighter & better looking in person than in the pictures.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Click on images to expand size. Some minor changes to the scarecrow this year.
Thicker branches. Just added a lot more duct tape to the wire base. Wire lets me bend the branches into any shape or direction I want.

Also added a couple of rubber pipe extensions to the top of the post to create a longer neck.

A darker overall paint job using sprays containing texture mixes.

Needs a few finishing touches such as filthy raffia & twine.

I'll leave him planted until done so I can take a few finished pics. Want to experiment with some lighting features inside the lantern.

Starting to get in the groove. The crisp mornings was all it took to rekindle a little Halloween spirit.