Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sleepy Hollow Props (Heads, Pumpkins & Scarecrow)

The Horseman's original mannequin head. Hacksawed off and finding new life as a unlucky victim of the Hessian.
Michaels large pumpkin with a minor paint job including the movies tagline "Heads Will Roll" in Sleepy Hollow font.

2008 Scarecrow. Spent as much time up Halloween week as he did face planted in the ground due to heavy winds. Luckily no damage.

Used black paint around carved areas to simulate candle burn.


Crow On a Wire said...

Might I ask where you purchased these Jack o lanterns or were these custom made? Looks fantastic!

Civ said...

All of the pumpkins except the large one w/ Heads Will Roll paint job were purchased from They used to make them much thicker going back 6 or 7 years ago. They are all custom carved and repainted.
The Heads Will Roll pumpkin was purchased at Michaels..a large retail crafts store here in NY/NJ. It was damaged a few years back on Mischief Night and has unfortunately been trashed.

Crow On a Wire said...

Thanks for the information and sorry some dillweed destroyed one of them. I love what you did here with everything and may try my own hand it the Headless Horseman myself one day. Did you do any sort of tutorial on how you made the Hessian?

Civ said...

Thanks..No tutorial but the blog does have a ton of pics if you browse through some older dates... on how it was constructed and what was used.