Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Witch of the Western Woods (The Crone) Prop

Even today the Western Woods is a haunted place....where brave men will not venture.

My off season plan. Always wanted to do a witch prop. Something about witches with me....anyway a take on the classic witch stirring cauldron props that use wiper motors that I think are soooo cool. I would replace the stirring motion with that of a throat slash /off with your head sort of hand gesture. After all ...it is Sleepy Hollow.

I've already started accumulating some pieces here and there. The most important right now for me are the hands. I purchased a pair from http://www.ghostride.com/. I'll alter the pose of them. Not sure how right now (probably cut some fingers off here and there! - and reposition and glue). Going for the look of the top picture.

I think I can use a simple motor to move her right arm. Saw a place online that separately sells motors ($9) used by those Christmas deer that turn their heads back and forth.

Purchased a colonial ball gown pattern for the dress similar in structure to that of the last picture. Sewing is not my thing. I'll have to put a serious bribe package together for my wife to whip up a 18th century gown that I will basically destroy and weather. It has a filthy, creep cloth look to it that I hope I can replicate.

Well I'm off to hang the Christmas wreath on the house, grapevine deer the lawn and string some lights in the holly bushes. Sadly the wife has killed my plans on doing a Ebenezer Scrooge life size prop for A Christmas Carol themed yard display. Maybe next year.
Just kidding. It would be kind of cool though...have to go with the George C. Scott version.


Shellhawk said...

I would love to see a step-by step of the projects you've done. I didn't find your site until your old one went bye-bye...
Love your blog so far! Would love to e-mail you...

Rot said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan.
Nothing like it out there.

Very cool.

Civ said...

Sure feel free to email...love to talk shop with someone who doesnt think Im nuts for doing these wacky projects! I'll try to do a step by step this time with the Crone ..if I dont screw it up that is!

Grim said...

I can't wait to see this prop. Sounds awesome.