Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Set Dressing

The set of Sleepy Hollow. A few images I've recently come across and the company link that provided the amazing prop work.

Woodland Road - Mature bare tree trunks, soil and leaves helped to create an authentic woodland road.

A combination of real and fibre glass trees combined with forest floor debris helped create this woodland landscape film set.

Bare Apple Orchard - Apple orchard trees before the blossom was added.
Apple Blossom Orchard - Real grubbed out apple orchard trees dressed with artificial blossom foliage create a convincing orchard feel for this film set.


Rot said...

Fantastic find. These are amazing photos.

We drove by an orchard this weekend. Twisted ugly little trees.

The Frog Queen said...

Love those photos, thanks for sharing. I do have a thing for odd trees :)

Marianne Millefeuille said...

Very Cool Blog! I might borrow one of your pics if thats ok??xx