Tuesday, November 10, 2009

McFarlane Horseman

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Have to pick one of these up on EBay some day.
Read the legs on some of these were made of soft rubber and prone to rot.


Ghostsoldier said...

Ah...my new desktop image!! Creative perspective, to say the least!

Yeah, these are great McF figures: I've got 6 of the Horseman alone (2 at work, 2 in my office, 2 in my bedroom), not to mention the other 2 in the series, and the big mounted Horseman/horse deluxe figure. So far, there have been no 'leg rot' issues in any of my figures...

Civ...you definitely need to get yourself a couple of these, as the details are amazing!

Civ said...

Ok..you talked me into it!
I just bought the Box Set w/ horse on EBay. Always wanted it but never got around to actually buying it.

Ghostsoldier said...

You won't regret it, Civ.
Also, don't forget to get the solo figure, too....