Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still on Vacation

But tempted to pop in that DVD. Not even August yet.
I can't wait for the Fall, in need of some crisp weather.

Some minor updates I'd like to do this year.
Add way more height to the scarecrow, put it on par with those I've seen at Philipsburg Manor.
Have it stand up to October winds as well.
More fog - in the market for a good fogger to run through some irrigation PVC.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer.
Looking forward to our upcoming family vacation week at the Jersey Shore.
My girls....


The Frog Queen said...

As always, looking forward to your creations!! Have a great time on vacation.


Ghostsoldier said...

Have fun on vacation, Civ....I can't wait for fall, and to watch SH again, myself!